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Links are arguably still the most important ranking factor and having a high-quality link profile is vital if you want your website to achieve higher rankings for your targeted keywords, increase traffic and revenue.

Link building has changed considerably over the years. Rather than simply building links to your site, you should now look at giving influential websites reasons to link to yours through the creation of amazing content and fantastic service.

Think of links as votes for your website. Imagine you’re walking through the centre of a town you’ve never visited before and you want to find the best Italian restaurant. If you ask ten people and eight of them tell you to visit the same restaurant, the chances are you’re going to go and eat at that restaurant.

Now imagine that those eight people are influential websites and each has a link to your website telling visitors that your website is the best place to go for the products or services that you sell.

Not only does that give positive trust signals to Google and other search engines, it also provides referral traffic from those websites that are more likely to see visitors turn into leads and customers for your business.

Increase Authority

A good link profile will increase your website's authority and its rankings in Google

Brand Awareness

Developing relationships with high quality, relevant websites will increase awareness of your brand

Referral Traffic

Obtaining quality links from trusted sites will also lead to referral traffic from these sites, which tends to convert well

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